is a popular credit sharing program that allows you to earn cash rewards for your
good credit standing, while helping someone else repair theirs. No risk. High reward. And always, totally, confidential.


About is a rewards program that connects people who want to repair their credit with reliable individuals who are willing to share their good credit – and earn cash in the process. This legal practice (see the FTC’s Equal Credit Opportunity Act for more info) is becoming more popular for a reason. Authorized user tradelines are an easy way for individuals to repair their credit, by being listed by someone who already has good credit. By adding new authorized users to your credit card thatís in good standing, you have a safe and secure way to help someone else while earning rewards for yourself. Many of our credit beneficiaries are the victims of inaccurate reporting, and have lower credit than they want through no fault of their own – your participation in our program gives them a new start. With, you participate in our program anonymously, confidentially, and completely risk free, simply allowing the good credit you have earned to reflect on someone else, allowing them to “piggyback” on your good credit. Earn cash rewards and regular payments; credit card ”rewards” have never been so easy!

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