ShareYourCredit.com is a financial rewards program that matches credit card holders in good standing with individuals who are seeking to repair their credit. Our program allows qualified credit card holders to earn consistent cash rewards for their good credit and financial discipline while helping someone else get a fresh start. By serving as the intermediary, we are able to maintain the cardholder’s complete privacy and anonymity (read about why we’re Risk Free here) while they help others achieve financial success and security. We are proud to be a company that “does well by doing good”, as our operations give individuals on both sides of our program the freedom to end their financial worries and achieve new goals.

ShareYourCredit.com was founded in 2010, leveraging many years of experience in the credit piggybacking industry to create a program that would serve the needs of users on both sides of a credit sharing program. We are an industry leader not only in experience and the credit beneficiary base, but – of equal importance – in honesty, integrity, and excellent customer service.

ShareYourCredit.com is based in sunny California, with offices in San Diego and Los Angeles