Earn Now

Earning money rewards for your good credit is easy and secure with our program*. You have spent time earning good credit – now it’s your chance to sit back and collect!

This program is absolutely risk free and free to join.

THE WAY WE WORK: Think of us as a financial matchmaker. Many people out there are looking to improve their credit scores, and there are only a few ways to do this. We offer one – we’re a credit repair company helping boost our credit beneficiaries’ credit scores by “matchmaking” them with people who have great credit. Our program is a safe and secure way to add credit beneficiaries as authorized users (AU) on credit cards with good payment history, allowing them to “piggyback” or get good credit by association. If you have good credit and qualify for our program, this is where you come in!

WHY WE DO IT: When you add someone as an authorized user on a credit card that’s in good standing, the payment history of the credit card appears on the authorized user’s credit file, essentially increasing their score. They don’t have to use it (and in our program they do not – they don’t even know who you are!) but it makes a huge difference.

HOW YOU EARN: If you qualify and join our credit piggybacking program, you’ll start to get a payment every month. We pay participants on a monthly basis for each credit beneficiary added to the credit card account. We reward you for helping offer others a quick, efficient, and cost-effective way to improve their credit.
Many individuals have built excellent credit, have made those on-time payments, and now, through our program, are able to monetize their perfect track record into hard cold cash by sharing their credit with our credit beneficiaries! By allowing us to add authorized users on your credit cards, you can convert that credit history that has helped you – to help someone else and help your bank account!

*Available to eligible participants only. Please contact us to determine your eligibility.