How does a credit cardholder make money with ShareYourCredit.com?

We’re a financial services company – our focus is helping people repair their credit while rewarding others who already have good credit. One thing we do is add a client who is looking to boost their credit as a named authorized user (AU) on credit cards with good payment history. Doing this allows the payment history of the credit card appears on the authorized user’s credit file, essentially increasing their score. To thank you for participating, we offer monthly payments depending on your level of involvement.

If you have a credit card that you’ve never made a late payment on, you can share your credit by adding our clients as authorized users. Go here to find out more about joining.

How much are my credit cards worth / How much can I make?

The payout for authorized user spots varies depending on the issuing bank, credit limit, and how long the card has been opened. Credit cards that have a higher credit limit and have been opened for a long time are, in general, in higher demand, so payouts per authorized user spot will be higher. However, our credit beneficiaries are interested in credit cards of ANY credit limit and as long as it has accrued at least 6 months of perfect payment history. Click here now to receive an exact quote for your credit card!

How often will I be paid?

We make payouts to our credit cardholders on a regular, monthly basis. Click here now to receive an exact quote for your credit card!

How will I be paid?

You can be paid your earnings from ShareYourCredit.com in two ways. We can either send you a check or, if you bank with one of the national banks (i.e. Chase, Citi, Bank of America, or Wells Fargo), we can make a direct deposit to your account. Click here now to receive an exact quote for your credit card!

How do I add authorized users (AU) on my credit card?

To add authorized users to your credit card, simply call the credit card company and request to speak to a customer service representative. Request to add authorized user on the credit card. The information needed to add authorized users is slightly different for each bank, but we will give you complete training before your first call. All of our cardholders catch on very quickly and become familiar with the process in no time.

How often will I be adding authorized users (AU) onto my credit card?

In order to maximize profits to you and fully utilize your asset, we add and remove credit beneficiaries on a monthly basis for each credit card. Each month, we’ll send you the exact order of names to add and names to remove.

How much time does this take?

It usually takes our cardholders two calls to first remove remove the previous month’s credit beneficiaries as authorized users and then another call to add the current month’s credit beneficiaries as authorized users. Each call takes about 30 minutes. Other than that, we ask that cardholders be able to check their emails on a daily basis for correspondence with us.

With internet access and a phone, you’re able to make money anywhere in the world, even while you’re on vacation!

What are the requirements to join?

As long as your credit card has no late payments and have accrued at least six months of payment history, you’re eligible to join this program.

The following bank credit cards are eligible for enrollment into this program: Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Discover, Sears, HSBC, and Barclays.

This program is FREE to join and you can receive your first payout as early as next month!

Risk Free – Please explain how?

Even though the cardholder is adding the credit beneficiary as an authorized user, the credit beneficiary cannot use the cardholder’s credit because the credit card is always sent to the cardholder’s address on file (this can be verified with the cardholder’s bank). Also, credit beneficiaries will not have the credit card number, expiration date, name, or 3-digit security code to make purchases online. Neither do we, because we will never ask cardholders to submit information to that level of detail.

Do you somehow insure/protect me, or are you just telling me it’s risk free?

Your credit will NEVER be used. Furthermore, the authorized users added to your credit card will not have the account information, expiration date, or 3-digit security code to make purchases. Lastly, all credit cards will be mailed to the primary cardholder on the account. Our clients and ShareYourCredit.com do not have the authority to access your account.

How is my privacy protected?

Confidentiality is the backbone of our program. The credit beneficiaries listed on your card will never know who you are!  In fact, they will not have the credit card number, expiration date, name, or 3-digit security code needed to make purchases online, they won’t have your password or login, and they’ll never even receive an actual card (which your bank only sends where YOU tell them to). Even we don’t see all card information; we don’t even ask you to submit it.

Banks are so used to making money from me, will they be mad that now I’m the one making money?

You’re right, banks have profited from your interest payments and from charging you fees for a long time!  This is your chance to turn the tables and profit from your own credit card with them!  Despite the fact that this practice of adding authorized users is both commonplace and legal, some banks don’t love it.  The worst case scenario is that they close a credit card, cutting off your ability to sell your AU spots on the credit card.  Even if this happens (again, a worst case scenario!) this in no way affects your credit score.  The credit card’s perfect payment history will continue to appear in the cardholder’s credit file.  That said, if a particular credit card being closed would significantly affect your lifestyle, we always put your comfort first, and suggest that you not sell AU spots on that particular card.

What if I change my mind about participating?

Because we will advertise your credit card to credit beneficiaries aggressively each month to maximize profits to the cardholder, if the cardholder chooses to leave the program, he/she (you!) would only need to notify us with 30 day advance notice so that we can organize credit beneficiary orders properly.

Is this legal?

Yes! Credit piggybacking has been around since banks invented credit cards and allowed the primary cardholder to add authorized users onto his/her credit card. This process is absolutely legal.  Just as parents routinely add their children on as authorized users to boost their children’s credit scores and business owners use AUs to enable their employees to make purchases for the business,  prospective cardholders will add our credit beneficiaries as authorized users on their credit cards. The only difference is that we have credit beneficiaries who are willing and able to pay for listing them – and we have coordinated a program that ensures you receive cash payments every month for doing so.

In full compliance with the law, the amount paid to the cardholder under ShareYourCredit.com is taxable and each cardholder will receive a 1099 statement that will total year-end payouts.

Why join this program?

Because it’s an easy and risk-free way to earn a side income with almost no effort at all.  It’s not “too good to be true” because you already did the hard work, by spending time earning great credit.  Now that you’ve made those on time payments, our program offers the best way to monetize a perfect track record into cold, hard cash! You can help someone else improve their credit history at no risk to yourself, earn regular rewards, and buy yourself something nice. The better question is why not join this program?!

What happens once I join ShareYourCredit.com?

process), we’ll send you, on a monthly basis, the names of the authorized users that you’ll add on your credit card. At that time, you can remove the AU names from the previous month by simply calling your credit card company and changing the authorized users per the new order sheet. Once we can confirm that your credit history has posted with our clients, we send out your payment automatically (you’ll generally receive it around the 2nd week of each month). And that’s it!  A phonecall, a check, a phonecall, a check. We repeat this simple process on a monthly basis, helping you earn a solid income each month.

Click here to request an initial consultation and find out what you can be earning now!

How long does someone typically stay an Authorized User on my account?

Each client will stay on your card as an authorized user (AU) for one month and then removed the following month. This monthly rhythm of adding/removing authorized users ensures maximum utilization and profitability for your credit cards (meaning maximum earnings for you).

What if I need to some of my available credit back?

While we request each of our cardholders to keep their monthly balances below 15% of the limit to maximize benefit to our clients, we understand that circumstances change and that you may need to make a large purchase.  If you anticipate a major purchase to your card in the future (i.e. the cardholder is going on vacation or making tuition payments), kindly give us a 30-day notice and we’ll stop adding authorized users on the credit card for that month. Assuming you continue to qualify for the program, you can rejoin us when you are ready.

Will participating in ShareYourCredit.com impact my credit score?

Adding authorized users on your credit card does not impact your credit score whatsoever. Requesting to add an authorized user on a credit card is merely an annotation in the bank systems (you can easily verify all of this with your credit card company). The credit cardholder can continue to make purchases and use their credit card like normal, but we request that monthly balances be kept below 15% to maximize the benefit to our clients who are on the credit repair side of the process.

Is there a limit to the number of authorized users I can add on my credit card?

Yes. There is a maximum number of authorized users that each credit card can hold, and this number depends on the issuing bank. We will add the maximum number of AUs on the credit card on a monthly basis to maximize profits to you.

To find out exactly how many authorized users your credit card can hold, email us today!

You said the new authorized users on my card won’t know who I am – will I know who they are?

Yes, you will know who the authorized users are on your card.  We will provide you with their names and any information required to add them to your card. The client information will only include those aspects that are needed to be added as authorized users on the credit card, because discretion is a key part of making our program the one more people trust.

ShareYourCredit.com is committed to keeping your personal information private and safely stored. Review the reasons why we’re Risk Free here.

What is the cost to join this program?

The ShareYourCredit.com credit sharing program is absolutely FREE to join for cardholders who qualify and enroll and there are no fees required of you at any point.

How quickly can I get approved and start earning cash?

Once we have an initial consultation and enroll your credit card with our program, you can add authorized users on your credit card that month – meaning you will receive your first check within a few weeks!

Ready to start earning? Contact us now to get started!

Is there a referral program if I tell a friend about ShareYourCredit.com?

If your friend successfully enrolls their credit card with the program, ShareYourCredit.com will pay you a monthly referral fee based on the number of authorized users added to that person’s credit card. Many of our cardholders have referred this program to their friends/relatives and now make a few hundred referral dollars on top of the amount they were already earning with our program!